Guest in Fourth Grade

Erica Boyer

Fourth graders learned how to be more financially savvy today.  Scott Wakefield from Wells Fargo gave a wonderful presentation on how to be smart with our money.  

Westside Teacher of the Year


Congratulations to our incredible first grade teacher, Mrs. Leman, who is Westside's Teacher of the Year! Mrs. Leman is a talented and dedicated teacher who works hard to ensure that each of her students learn and feel loved. She brings so much to our school, and we are so grateful to have her here! Mrs. Leman was honored at the school board meeting this week. 

Spanish Immersion Program

Recently our 4th, 5th, and 6th grade classes in the Spanish Immersion program put on an assembly for Westside. Through song and dance they taught about different cultures and the importance of working together. 

No Cussing Club

McKay Hatch started the "No Cussing Club," at the age of 14, while living in California. He was tired of hearing the cussing that was taking place around him and knew his schoolmates could do better. Since then he has traveled around the United States and shared his story. You can learn more about the "No Cussing Club" on his web-site.