May 2011

Dancing Assembly at Westside

On May 10, 2011, students at Westside Elementary were dazzled and entertained by a dance performance team from Charisma studios in Springville.  What made this event even more impressive was that many students from Westside are a part of this team. 

Second Grade Opera

Recently, Mrs. Cook's class performed their class opera.  Second-graders at Westside Elementary have the opportunity every year to create and perform their own opera.  Students come up with the problem and resolution and also design their own costumes and props.

Westside Student Recognized

Last week, Orion Sadler, a sixth-grade student at Westside Elementary, received recognition as an outstanding student at Westside.  This recognition took place at the Springville City Council meeting.  Orion is a student who always strives to do his best, help others, and challenge himself.  Congratulations to Orion for this achievement!