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Meet Kati Wafford

Submitted by arlene.haymond on Sat, 09/07/2019 - 11:52

Meet Kati Wafford, our new Librarian

My name is Kati Wafford.  I grew up in Rancho Cucamonga, CA and have lived in Utah for the past 14 years.  I have 5 kids (Liz 15, Sam 13, Lydia 10, Andrew 8, and Evy 6) and they are the best thing I have ever done.  I graduated from Ricks College (now BYU Idaho) with my AA in 2001 and my Bachelors in Elementary Education in 2003 from Cal State University San Bernardino.  I hope to be a teacher someday.  I love to swim, cook, plan themed meals or parties, hang out with my kids and of course read books.  Some fun facts about me...I am left handed, I don't really like soda but I LOVE chocolate and blue cheese (just not together), Fall is my favorite season, I am the youngest of 3 girls and my favorite books and movies are mystery or suspense.  I think Westside is the best school ever and I love that I am blessed to work here!!