BYU Literacy Visit


On Tuesday, October 21st, BYU education students came to Westside to teach grade-specific writing lessons.  Students in 3rd and 6th grades were divided into small groups and taught important writing concepts.

Westside Carnival


On October 11th, the annual PTA sponsored the annual carnival and fun run took place at Westside.  Westside students and their families were able to participate in a fun run in the morning, and afterward with carnival games and treats.  Teachers and PTA volunteers, manned the various games and stations.  

Discovery Space Center

On Tuesday, October 14th, Westside sixth-grade students had the opportunity to go to the Discovery Space Center in Pleasant Grove Utah.  Here, students were challenged to work as a team to complete their mission on a simulator.  They were also required to make group presentations on child slavery, how it is wrong, and what the effects of it are in the world.  Part of the field trip involved the star lab, where students were able to learn where different stars and constellations can be located in the night sky.

Birthday Cards for Rhett


Last week, the student council and many of the students at Westside wrote birthday cards for Rhett. Rhett is 8 years old and has Down syndrome. Over the past few years some of his Facebook friends and family have joined in in sending him Birthday cards.  This year, however, Rhett wanted 999 cards! 

Parents and Pastries

On Tuesday, September 23rd, the PTA sponsored the annual Parents and Pastries event at Westside.  Parents were invited to join their students for a donut and chocolate milk breakfast.  This was also a wonderful opportunity for parents to read with their children.

Bugs Around the School


For the first part of the school year, sixth grade students at Westside have been learning about how microorganisms are everywhere, and how they affect us both in negative and positive ways.  Students had the opportunity to swab areas around the school to see which areas are most germ-ridden.  They also simulated the reproduction of bacterial cells with beans.  This experiment helped students visualize what happens to one bacterial cell after a few hours.