Reasons for Seasons


This last week, sixth graders have been learning about the reasons why we experience seasons.  To understand this concept, they participated in a lab where they were able to measure energy levels at various points throughout earth's orbit around the sun.  Hopefully this solidified the idea that it is the TILT of the earth's axis that causes seasons.

Science Fair


Six students from Westside chose to participate in the science fair.  The science fair is an optional activity for students.  The projects need to meet the criteria for the scientific method to be considered for the district science fair.

Spotlight on Mrs. Mitton

By Macy Clements and Emma Bair

Ashley Mitton, a technician here at Westside, helps students with whatever is needed.  She was born in Provo and grew up in Mapleton and Springville.  She is one of our recently married teachers.  Ashley's favorite things do do are reading and running.  Her favorite thing about Westside is the students and that the teachers are awesome and fun to work with.  Ashley thinks the most important thing teachers and educators can do is to help students learn and build their confidence.  An interesting fact about her is that she used to teach second grade, but now she works for Americorp.

Parent Conferences/SEP's


On January 9th, parent conferences were held at Westside.  Many teachers, however, chose to do what are called "Walking Report Cards" which give the students the opportunity to showcase what they have learned, and demonstrate their knowledge of various concepts in certain subject areas.