Anti Bullying Assembly with Bud Jeffries

Last week, students had the privilege to witness one of the strongest men in the world, Bud Jeffries, lift one of their teachers into the air with one hand!  Not only did he do this, but had a heavy bowling ball dropped on his stomach.  Why did he do this?  He did this to emphasize that we can be strong, and not listen to bullies, or become one of them.

Reasons for Seasons


This last week, sixth graders have been learning about the reasons why we experience seasons.  To understand this concept, they participated in a lab where they were able to measure energy levels at various points throughout earth's orbit around the sun.  Hopefully this solidified the idea that it is the TILT of the earth's axis that causes seasons.

Science Fair


Six students from Westside chose to participate in the science fair.  The science fair is an optional activity for students.  The projects need to meet the criteria for the scientific method to be considered for the district science fair.