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Spirit Week FAQs

Submitted by arlene.haymond on Thu, 09/27/2018 - 06:19
Laurie Miller
Q: How much does it cost to participate in Chalk Fest?
A: $20. You will receive a box of chalk and a portion of sidewalk outside the school to decorate.
Q: Can I watch my student(s) participate in the fun run?
A: Yes! All parents are welcome to come watch and cheer during their student's assigned time.
Q: Will this be the same as the fun runs from previous years?
A: No. This fun run will take place on an obstacle course set up behind the school. This exciting event will feature the DJ from Munchkin Radio. The fun run is just for fun; it is not part of the fundraiser. It is an event to reward all students for their hard work.
Q: Are donations per lap?
A: No, all donations are straight donations, not per lap. The fun run is just for fun, not for fundraising.
Q: What is the #flossandroar challenge?
A: To show your kids' school spirit, post a video of them flossing and roaring!! At the end of the video, they can challenge other kids/teachers/parents to post their own. Mark it with the hashtag #flossandroar and post it on Facebook or Instagram!
Q: I want my donation credit to go toward more than one child; is that possible?
A: Leave a note during checkout if paying online, or write a note on the donation envelope.
Q: How can I spread the word about the fundraiser?
A: We have two fun videos you can share!
Please share the links to get people excited about our fundraiser.