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Spelling Bee 2019

Submitted by arlene.haymond on Mon, 01/07/2019 - 20:57
Westside PTA

We have smart kids at Westside! 2019 Spelling Bee is coming.

Every child has now received a spelling list.

Dates to Remember:
Jan. 16-30th - Teacher chooses a day and holds own Classroom Spelling Bee & 1 Winner.
Jan. 30th 3:00 pm - Classroom Spelling Bee Winners announced.
Feb. 20th 9:30-11:30am - School-Wide Spelling Bee

Different this year is: Prefer stories to memorizing? Check out the Great Words, Great Works book list on your spelling bee list. All the words from the 2019 Spelling Bee Study Lists can be found in these books, allowing your child to get to know these words in the context of great stories. As always, this is an optional program.
Go Wildcats!

Extra lists are found below:

Classroom Spelling Bee Lists:

1st Grade:
2nd Grade:
3rd Grade:
4th Grade:
5th Grade:
6th Grade:

450 Word School-Wide Spelling Bee List:

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