What are you thankful for? (Part 2)

Marissa: I am thankful for family, church, and school

Lucy:  I am thankful for family, food, and friends

 Jakob: I am thankful for books, video games and friends

 Kyle N: I am thankful for ice cream and food!

 Scarlett O: I am thankful for my family and home.

 Robert K.: I am thankful for food and housing companies.

 Ali M: I am thankful for science and my family.

 Sharon: I am thankful for my parents, my family, people, and food, and teachers and I am

              thankful for books.

Did You Know . . .


. . . that Nebo School District provides a digital library? On our website, look for "SORA." You will be linked to the instructions to access the digital library. You are able to access the library with the SORA app or directly from the website. 

The Read-a-thon starts today!  Keep track of your reading on the Road to Success Website: https://www.rtsutah.com

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Science Infused Literacy Instruction With BYU

Our second grade classes are participating in an 8-week research project that examines how integrated science and literacy instruction influences second grade reading and writing ability and science content knowledge.  This project is known as SILI – Science Infused Literacy Instruction and is funded by a grant from Brigham Young University for this project.  Teachers are effectively integrating science and literacy instruction that aligns with the Utah Core Standards.

What are you thankful for? (Part 1)

"I'm thankful for my mom and my little brother." - Santos Botello

"I'm thankful for my family and that I can come to school to learn." - Audrey Smyth

"I am thankful for our school and for you (My teacher Mrs. Liechty)" - Valetta Hunter

"I'm thankful for recess and I'm thankful for getting to play at the mall playground last night." - Jaxton Wilkinson

"I am thankful for an awesome job to go to and people who appreciate school lunch.  There are a lot of them."  Verlyn Cook

"I'm thankful for my family, third graders, and rain."  Emily Crozier