We are grateful for all the dads, uncles and grandfathers that volunteer at our school.  We have help for tutoring, Watch DOGS, parties, reading buddies and more. What a great community team we have!

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Westside Wildcat Hero of the Week

Kari Kiefer is our Westside Wildcat Hero of the Week!  Mrs. Kiefer is responsible for our take home reading book programs. She exchanges every take home book for every student involved. She makes every student she comes in contact with feel special. When she walks down the halls, she has a smile for everyone she sees. Kari does everything she can do to make students feel loved and valued.  When she is outside on the playground, she is always surrounded by students.  She is a true cheerleader and her positive attitude make her a Wildcat Hero!


Deanna Herrmann

Mrs. Herrmann’s 5th graders love to learn about magnetism. They’ve been exploring and making compasses and electromagnets. Science rules!

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Living Aquarium

Graciela Bartholomew

The Living Aquarium visited our school and shared about the water cycle to our 4th graders. Students were able to conduct an experiment as well.  The aquarium brought different animals for the students to see and touch.  It was a wonderful learning experience.


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