Schoolwide Holiday Activities

Monday, December 18: Ugly Christmas Sweater Day - Wear a silly Christmas Sweater

Tuesday, December 19: Grinch Day -  Dress like a ‘Who’ from ‘Who-ville’

Wednesday, December 20: Polar Express Day - Wear pajamas

Thursday, December 21: School Out at Noon

See you on January 2, 2018 Happy Holidays!

Native American Dance Assembly


On Friday, Westside students and teachers had the opportunity to watch a wonderful assembly put on by a family from our school. The Groves family taught about Native American traditions, culture, and dress and did an incredible job of sharing their talents through music and dance.

Third Grade Program


On Thursday our third graders put on a fantastic program about countries and cultures around the world. They shared information and sang songs to teach about language, dress, food, and other ways that cultures show their individuality.