Dancing at Westside


Last week the students at Westside had one more opportunity to meet with the Nebo District Dance Specialist, Miss Kimble. She worked with classes on different ways of moving, creating and holding shapes, and choreography. At the end of the session, students performed short dances for their classes that they had choreographed.

Market Day in Second Grade

Laura Berry

Second graders in Ms. Hull's and Mrs. Berry's class have been learning about about economics. They put their knowledge to the test by producing goods and services for their classmates to buy!  It was fun and successful for all!  

Three Kings Day


On Friday, January 6th, Westside students celebrated Three Kings Day, which is a holiday celebrated in many Latin American and European cultures. Three Kings Day celebrates the day the the Three Kings (or Wise Men) found the baby Jesus and presented gifts to him. It is typically celebrated with gifts, parades, and eating a special cake or bread. At Westside, each of the classes spent a few minutes learning the meaning of the holiday, and then were able to try a piece of Rosca de Reyes, a Mexican sweet bread.