Third Grade Karate Assembly


Last Thursday Mrs. Arroyo's class and Mrs. Wimmer's class were visited by an instructor from the Bobby Lawrenece Karate school. The kids watched a presentation and were taught about focus, self-control, and confidence. 

Westside Spelling Bee


This morning Westside had our school Spelling Bee. The third through sixth grades each sent a winner from their classes to participate in grade level competitions. Though the words were tricky, and standing up in front of the school to compete took some bravery, the students tried their best and did a great job. The third grade winner was Ben Boucher, in fourth grade the winner was Kaden Cook, in fifth grade the winner was Kate Christensen, and the sixth grade winner was Bria Hammer.

5th Grade Field Trip to the Capitol

Today the fifth grade classes went on a field trip to the Capitol in Salt Lake City. They were able to watch sessions in the Senate and House of Representatives to learn more about the legislative process. Later in the afternoon they were able to meet with Senator Hinkins and Representative Thurston, who talked with them about their jobs and answered questions.


We are loving having so many Watch Dogs here at Westside! It is wonderful to have dads and family members come and help in classes and work with kids. Thank you so much for all of the time that you volunteer!