Veteran's Day Assembly

On Friday Westside honored our nation's veterans in an assembly. The student council spoke about each branch of the military and asked members of those branches present to stand and be appreciated. Mrs. Krabbe's husband, Staff Sargent Moxey of the National Guard, then spoke to the students about the importance of respecting those who serve. The assembly ended as the student body sang "God Bless the USA."

Honoring Veterans


In honor of Veteran's Day, the students in Mrs. Boyer's class wrote thank you letters to a local hero, the father of one of our students.  S.Sgt. Gehret  is currently serving our country across seas as part of the Army National Guard.  We are grateful for his service as well as the service of all the other brave men and women serving our country!

Discovering Science Through STEM Activities


This week sixth graders learned about the relationship between the transfer of heat through convection and the density of different temperatures of water. Students poured (red) hot water and (blue) cold water in two sides of a density box. When the partition between the two of them was removed, the denser cold water moved to the bottom, while the less-dense hot water moved to the top. 

Ririe Woodbury Dance


This week Westside was visited by the dance company Ririe Woodbury, who performed during an exicting assembly. Students learned about the elements of dance and watched them exemplified by company members, then several students were invited up on the stage to dance too. As a culmination of their learning, all of the students were given the opportunity to follow movemnets of dance from their seats on the floor.