September 2016

Fun Run and Chalk Festival Fundraiser

Submitted by heather.balli on Thu, 09/29/2016 - 11:25

We Support Westside Wildcats!

The Fun Run is Monday and the Chalkfest is tomorrow! The procedes from these events will go toward technology and other programs at our school.

If you want discounted tickets for pizza, face painting and more, you or you kids can buy them tomorrow before of after school. 

You can donate online! Please use the donation envelope web address-flier is incorrect. You can even have grandma, and out of town friends and family donate.

Fifth Grade Dance

Submitted by lindsey.smith on Thu, 09/15/2016 - 13:55

Today the fifth graders worked with Rachel Kimball, Nebo School District's dance specialist, to learn about the elements of dance as applied to social studies. The students learned the original 13 colonies, the etymology of their names, and then created short dances to portray the names of each colony. Each group then performed their dance while the rest of the class watched and then labeled the colony on a map. 

Kindergarten Summer Challenge

Submitted by lindsey.smith on Thu, 09/01/2016 - 08:39

At the end of kindergarten, the kindergarten students were invited to read and do learning activities during the summer.  Eleven of those students completed the challenge and were invited to a picnic lunch with the kindergarten teachers. It was fun to hear how the students are enjoying first grade.  Congratulations to those students for their hard work.

Theresa Oleson