October 2021

Westside Spelling Bee, 2021

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A message from our PTA:

Westside Wildcats... The spelling bee lists have gone home! If you need a classroom list, your child can ask their teacher for one. If you want to study for the schoolwide spelling bee, pick up a list in the office. Classroom spelling bees will be the first week of November. There will be 2 champions from each class 3rd - 5th that will go on to the schoolwide spelling bee. 1st and 2nd grade class winners will compete for grade level champions.

Classroom spelling bees will be held the first week of November.

Westside PTA

Donation Drive Dance Party

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There was dancing at Westside today!  For meeting the Donation Drive goal, the PTA  held a dance party with Mrs. Nielsen!  Everyone had a great time with the glow bracelets, disco lights and dancing with Mrs. Nielsen.  Thank you to our amazing PTA!