#LoveTeaching Week 2019

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#LoveTeaching Week is an opportunity to celebrate teaching, leading, and learning in a way that unites and invigorates educators and those they inspire all around the world.  Some of our teachers want to share why they love teaching and who inspires them.

Jennell Arce: I love teaching for so many reasons. One of my favorite things is when my students click with what I am teaching and their faces are illuminated with excitement, and I also love to learn with my students.

Lisa Erickson: There is nothing better than seeing and hearing students laugh at an author’s words or illustrations. Laughing is the best medicine.

Brooke Alderks: I love the amazing children that I get to interact with every day. They teach me so much and I love seeing their smiles when they learn new things and when they grasp a concept.

Sarah Dibble: I love to see the individual personality and creativity of each student transfer to their artwork. It makes me happy to see what they can create with the supplies I give them.

Jane Webster: I love teaching for the “Oh, I get it!” moments. I love seeing a student’s face light up after they understand a concept for the first time and knowing I helped them get there!

Mariela Vargas:  I love being a teacher because the students teach me something new everyday They are definitely the reason behind our sleepless nights, too short weekends, and endless trainings. Students are the reason.

Graciela Bartholomew:  I want to write about a teacher that inspires me. When I was in High School I had an extraordinary History teacher. He was so passionate about the subject. He inspired me to love the History of Mexico, we called him “Luchito." He was always upbeat and happy.

Lori Pruitt: Education is the best field to work in. You have the opportunity to work with people who are passionate about children and preparing them for the future. Educators are willing to make sacrifices and work for a cause that has an impact on the world. It is fun and rewarding and brings along with it warm hearts, laughter and lots and lots of love.

Andrew Lovell: My favorite teacher was a college communications professor who took time to develop a personal relationship with me. He took interest not only in my grades but in my personal life. I still keep in touch with him to this day and aspire to care for and build relationship with students as he did with me.

Jamie McFerren: I teach because I want to be a champion for children and give them wings to fly and be contributing citizens in this world. And if they have no dream, I want to provide them with one that is full of hope and possibility! Children need advocates that will passionately keep their future hopes alive and push them to new heights. To make the impossible possible and to remind them we are all a work in progress and we can all do new things in new ways. Seeing growth in my students is my rush and my addiction to the profession! They also bring me joy and laughter and remind me that I am a work in progress too and together we’ll all make it if we don’t give up!

Maridan Jensen: One of my favorite things about teaching is getting visits from former students. I love listening to them reminisce about things they remember, things they learned, and favorite memories. Students don’t often remember the mini-lessons or the core units. They do, however, vividly remember how you made them feel about learning. Excitement for subjects, passion for topics, and overall love of knowledge and school.