School Community Council Meeting Minutes

Submitted by heather.balli on Fri, 11/06/2015 - 16:20



 Members present: Spencer Sainsbury, Heather Balli, Shea Wimmer, Ginger Whitney, Jenny Fowler, Melissa Franklin, Hannah Watabe, and Brandy Duvall

Excused member: Kari Kieffer


  1. School Community PowerPoint shown- purpose of the SCC
  2. We will need to post the name of SCC Members on school website as follows:
    1. Spencer Sainsbury- principal
    2. Heather Balli- facilitator
    3. Ginger Whitney- co-chair (teacher representative)
    4. Shea Wimmer- (teacher representative)
    5. Hannah Watabe- (parent representative)
    6. Jenny Fowler- chair (parent representative)
    7. Melissa Franklin-(parent representative)
    8. Brandy Duvall-(parent representative)
    9. Kari Kieffer-(parent representative).

3. Discussed majority rules- non council members are welcome to attend community council meetings

4. Voted for co-chairs: Jenny Fowler elected as chair and Ginger Whitney as co-chair

5. Meeting times discussed-We will meet the second Monday of every month in the library at 3:30. All are welcome to attend.

6. Next meeting will be held 11-9-15 @ 3:30 pm in the library