Superintendent Visits Westside


During Red Ribbon Week, Nebo School District Superintendent Rick Nielson made a welcomed visit to Westside.  He not only visited each of the classrooms, but provided a scrumptious breakfast for the teachers.  Teachers enjoyed the opportunity to visit with him.

Red Ribbon Week Festivities!


During the week of October 27th-31st, students at Westside were able to celebrate the importance of remaining drug free.  The theme this year was, “WE HAVE BETTER THINGS TO DO THAN DRUGS”  On Monday, students remembered to 'Follow their Dreams' and wore pajamas.  Tuesday was to remember to 'Stay in the Game' where students wore team/sports attire.  On Wednesday the theme focuse on not getting 'mixed up on drugs' where students could where mismatched socks and shoes.

Student Council Conference


Last month, Westside student council members attended leadership workshops at BYU.  They learned about the importance of being effective leaders, and good examples to other students in the school.  Westside's student council has opportunities throughout the school year to serve.  They even organize a fundraiser in  December to raise money for a local food bank.