Bugs Around the School


For the first part of the school year, sixth grade students at Westside have been learning about how microorganisms are everywhere, and how they affect us both in negative and positive ways.  Students had the opportunity to swab areas around the school to see which areas are most germ-ridden.  They also simulated the reproduction of bacterial cells with beans.  This experiment helped students visualize what happens to one bacterial cell after a few hours.  

Orchestra Introduction


Westside sixth-grade students were recently given a demonstration of various orchestral instruments. The purpose of this presentation was to motivate students to join the orchestra program that is offered through the school district. Many students signed up for the program, which involves them coming to school two-three times per week throughout the school year. Mandy Bartholomew is the orchestra instructor.

Creating the Magic at Westside.

To begin the new school year, Principal Matis encouraged teachers to 'Be the Magic'.  Not only did Mrs. Matis dress up as famous Disney characters during teacher development (Mulan, Belle, the list goes on), but she also motivated the entire faculty to look for and create little "Wow!" moments that promote a positive learning environment. As a part of the teacher development, teachers will be reading a copy of the book Lessons from the Mouse which is a guide for applying Disney World's secrets of success an organization, a career, and life in general.