March 2011

NED Assembly

Students at Westside Elementary were entertained at a recent NED assembly.  The purpose of the assembly was to remind students that they should Never give up, Encourage others, and to Do their best.  Students were brought up on stage to be a part of the assembly and to learn some pretty fancy tricks with yo-yos.

Peer Help at Westside

Students from Mrs. Bair's sixth-grade class assisted second-grade students in Miss Van Natter's class to help them prepare for walking report card presentations to parents.  The older students enjoyed the opportunity to mentor and help the younger children.

Penny War Donations

Recently, the student council members at Westside Elementary presented Dustin Holden with a check for $1,800. Dustin Holden was selected to be the recipient for this money as he just went through a major surgery to remove cancer. 

This money was raised through the annual Penny Wars held in December.  Students brought pennies to count as points for their classroom.  Students from other classes, however, could counteract the penny points with silver change. Westside raised a record amount of money to contribute to a good cause.