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December 2011

Decking the Halls in Fourth Grade

Submitted by monica.bair on Fri, 12/23/2011 - 08:06

The fourth graders in Mrs. Glazier's class have been "Decking the Halls" with Literature Trees. Each small group chose a Christmas book and then decorated a paper tree with homemade ornaments that were centerered areound the theme of the book. They included characters, quotes, settings, and main ideas in their decorations. Books used included: The Polar Express, The Christmas Queen, Olive the Other Reindeer, Winter's Gift, The Gift of Nothing, Who Will Help Santa This Year, and Mooseltoe.

UEI Christmas Program

Submitted by monica.bair on Fri, 12/16/2011 - 09:18
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Yeehaw and Howdy from the UEI Cluster Unit at Westside Elementary.  Our Annual Christmas program consisted of cowboys, ranch hands, pigs, and horses.  Our Special students had the opportunity to experience first hand the work it takes to be a cowboy and we caught it all on video DVD!  From Santa's Reindeer ball, to a stampede of dancing reindeer, and a wave of the tree skits from our brave mantadors, you will be entertained from start to finish!  For the Rootin'  'n'  Tootin'est Christmas Jamboree, come on over to Westside and meet the Westside Cowhands!

CAN you Food Fight Results

Submitted by monica.bair on Thu, 12/15/2011 - 13:53
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During the week of December 5th-December 9th, students at Westside held their annual fundraiser for a local food bank (Community Action.)   For the last six years, Westside has held a Penny War to raise money for the food bank, however, student council members chose to do a food drive instead.  The student council members from sixth grade, met on several occasions to come up with a fun way to get students to bring in food.  They named the fundraiser, "CAN you Food Fight?".  The food drive was essentially a competition between grade-levels, and an overall incentive was given to see who could

CAN you Food Fight?

Submitted by monica.bair on Thu, 12/08/2011 - 16:10
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During the week of December 5th-9th, students at Westside participated in their first ever 'CAN you Food Fight?' to collect food items for Community in Action.  In place of the Penny Wars which has been the fundraiser for the last several years, the student council decided to have students bring food instead of pennies.  Each food item students brought in counted as a point for their classroom, however, certain foods could be brought in to 'bomb' other classes and take away their points.  The bombing items included tuna fish, chili, Mac n' Cheese, and peanut butter which are all items that

Geography Bee

Submitted by monica.bair on Thu, 12/08/2011 - 15:59
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On December 6th, upper-grade students partcipated in the Geography Bee at Westside.  Representatives from 4th-6th grades answered a variety of questions with regard to U.S. geography in the preliminary rounds, to world geography in the semi-final and final rounds.  The last two competitors were Alyssa Gardiner in Mrs. Bair's sixth-grade class, and Brendan Murphy from Mrs. Glazier's fourth-grade class.  In the end, Brendan Murphy proved to be the geography champion!

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