January 2012

Westside 6th Grade vs. Teachers

On January 20th, sixth-grade students participated in a basketball game against the faculty. Westside 5fth and sixth-grade students have the opportunity to participate in intramural games during their lunch recess.  At the end of each session the sixth-grade students have the chance to show what they have learned, and how they have improved, against the teachers. 

Chinese Acrobats come to Westside

Westside students were mesmerized during an assembly where Chinese acrobats performed.  Throughout the assembly, students learned about Chinese culture, and were entertained by the amazing physical feats shown by the acrobats.  A few students were able to attempt some of the tricks such as balancing a plate on a stick, and juggling.  These same students quickly realized that is was not as easy as it looked.


Mrs. Holden, a first grade teacher at Westside, reads with a child one-on-one.  At the beginning, middle, and end of the year, a benchmark reading assessment is administered to ensure that each student is progressing.  This test also helps teachers determine what interventions, if necessary, should be applied.  Benchmark assessments are given in all grades.

Dia de Reyes

Westside students who participate in the spanish dual immersion program, recently celebrated the Dia de Reyes, or King's Day.   Pictured are students from Mrs. Edman's second grade class.

Latinos in Action at Westside

Cheira Enriquez, a high school student with Latinos in Action, works one-on-one with a first grade student.  Latinos In Action (LIA) is a class/program, both at the Jr. High and High school level, that inspires bilingual Latino students to utilize their language skills in supporting their school and district community and propels these students toward a career through education.  Several members of this organization help students reinforce concepts they learn in school.