April 2014

Happy Secretary's Day!

On Friday, April 25th, Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Hjorth, and Mrs. Whatcott were given honorary superhero status to thank them for the amazing work they do at Westside Elementary!  To us, they are super-human every day and we appreciate all they do to keep our school running smoothly.

6th Grade Hershey Track


On April 17th, sixth grade students from Westside participated in the Hershey Track Meet at Springville High School.  Sixth graders from other schools in Springville also participated.  Seattul Call placed 4th in the softball throw, and Sage Bowers and Tyon Mattinson placed 6th in the 100 meter run.   Students just enjoyed the day to cheer their peers on, and enjoy the sun.

Dual Immersion Program

Students who participate in the dual immersion program performed their program for the school recently.  The students learned a variety of songs in Spanish, and several dances native to different countries

Fifth Grade Program

The fifth grade students at Westside recently performed their program for the school and for the parents and families.  The program focuses on special events and music throughout United States history,- especially during the 1900's.