January 2019

Utah Symphony Field Trip

Graciela Bartholomew

These 4th grade students had a fantastic opportunity to listen to the Utah Symphony yesterday. The music was beautiful and it was a very interactive concert with the audience. The students behaved phenomenally during the concert, showing their best concert etiquette.

Ayer, los estudiantes de 4o. Grado tuvieron la oportunidad de escuchar la Sinfónica de Utah. La música fue hermosísima y el programa interactivo, los estudiantes se comportaron fenomenal mostrando su mejor conducta durante el programa.

Music to Our Ears

Erica Boyer
Westside fourth graders in Mrs. Boyer's class had fun getting all dressed up and going to the symphony!  They used their imaginations to picture stories to go along with beautiful classical music performed by the Utah Symphony. 


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Rosca de Reyes in Fourth Grade Dual Language Classes

Graciela Bartholomew

The Spanish Dual Language Immersion Class enjoyed “Rosca de Reyes,” a traditional bread in the form of a ring. They had the opportunity to learn more about this tradition in their 4th grade Spanish Dual Language Immersion Class.

Disfrutamos la Rosca de Reyes, nuestro pan tradicional para festejar la llegada de los Reyes Magos. Tuvimos la oportunidad de aprender más acerca de esta tradición en nuestra clase de español de 4o. grado.


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Owl Always Love Reading

Katy Anderson

Ms. Anderson's first grade students read to a friend with some special guest owl buddies! Reading with a buddy is a strategy that allows students to take turns reading and provide each other with feedback as a way to monitor comprehension. It's also very fun to do!


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Spelling Bee 2019

Westside PTA

We have smart kids at Westside! 2019 Spelling Bee is coming.

Every child has now received a spelling list.

Dates to Remember:
Jan. 16-30th - Teacher chooses a day and holds own Classroom Spelling Bee & 1 Winner.
Jan. 30th 3:00 pm - Classroom Spelling Bee Winners announced.
Feb. 20th 9:30-11:30am - School-Wide Spelling Bee

The Reyes Magos

Alexandra Diez

The Reyes Magos made it to Sra. Diez's classroom and left a small gift for all of her students. They also brought a yummy Rosca de Reyes.

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Three Kings Day

Maria Salmeron

These 3rd graders, in the Dual Immersion program, are preparing for the coming Celebration of the 3 Kings Day held on January 6th. Sra. Salmeron's students made the shoes and went outside to find some grass for the camels. (Kind of hard because of the snow but they founded some.). Let's see what the Kings Men will bring on Monday!


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5th party

Sra. Vargas

Sra. Vargas class enjoyed the holiday spirit and shared Christmas cheer to make a gift for Secret Santa.

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